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Go further with Ponitec Technical Diving team and explore a new, deeper, exciting world. The exclusive technical and rebreather diving experience.

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Choosing the right Tec Diving Instructor
Why take a technical diving course with Ponitec?
What you will learn?

It's a privilege to go where few people do or, even better, where you can be first. Tech diving lets you do this and allows you to discover diving from a new and exciting side.


Anything worth doing takes training, time, commitment and discipline. There's an undeniable sense of achievement when 100 feet is a decompression stop rather than the dive's deepest depth.


Tech diving isn't for thrill seekers, but you have to be emotionally dead not to feel something while exploring one of our special wrecks located deep in the sea.

Destination Brunei

Enjoy one of the most versatile wreck tec dive territories in the world.

Brunei has very attractive Tec Wrecks teeming with marine life in depth ranges from 35m to 100m and plenty of other tec dive specialities waiting for you. Ponitec facilities will provide any required services for all Tec Wreck dives such as gas mixes, cylinders, sorbs, deco underwater set-ups and much more.

That's the incredible journey and adventure offered to you by Ponitec.

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The instructor makes the difference.

Knowledge and experience is everything what matters in the deep sea.

Take your recreational diving to new depths with one of the most experienced team of Technical Divers in South East Asia and explore some of Brunei's most untouched locations with our experienced instructors.

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Technical Diving in a Nutshell

Curious to know what technical diving is about? There are certain differences between recreational diving and technical diving.

What is Tec Diving?

Technical diving is fast becoming a popular extreme sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and see that little bit more in a safe way. Tec diving takes experienced and qualified divers far deeper than normal recreational diving. Significantly more equipment and training are required to manage the additional hazards encountered in technical diving.

Tec Dive Equipment

A more complex equipment is necessary in situations where quick ascent to the surface is not possible due to compulsory decompression stops or a physical obstruction, such as when diving in wrecks. The jump from recreational diving to technical diving is much more than just exceeding the limits of recreational diving, and technical diving does not qualify as such without proper training, equipment, and procedures.

How is it different to Recreational diving?

Although recreational and technical diving both are pleasurable activities, there are important and clear-cut differences between them. Recreational diving is defined as no-stop diving (diving without decompression stops) with air or enriched air to a maximum depth of 40 meters and with direct access to the surface whereas technical diving requires extensive planning, training, and procedures and special technology to address and to minimise the additional risks.

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