Ponitec – who we are

Ponitec was first established in 2012 to promote Brunei as technical diving destination. Starting out with IANTD open circuit courses, Ponitec soon extended its range of courses to become one of the first center to offer IART JJ-CCR rebreather courses in Asia in 2011.

Ponitec later expanded operations abroad to Bali and Brunei after partnering with Yasutaka Watanabe in Bali and Wong Thye Sing in Brunei. In 2014, Ponitec Bali was launched as a training base for deep wall dives. Later the same year, Ponitec Brunei was officilally launched with hopes to develop it as training base center for technical diving enthusiasts around the world due to its many shipwrecks.

Ponitec Brunei has been developing its facilities and pioneering the fledging technical diving industry in Brunei in recent years with small groups of rebreather and technical divers visiting from Australia and the UK. In 2018, Ponitec is finally gearing up for an official launch to develop its Brunei location as the next tech wreck diving destination.

QOHS Policy Statement

Poni Group and all its subsidiaries are committed to creating an environment which is safe, healthy and secure for all our employees. We operate a certified ISO 45001 & ISO9001.

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